Installing a Fan Clutch

Author: Nationwide Autoparts   Date Posted:27 September 2017 

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How do I replace a fan clutch?

To view a basic guide as to how to remove a fan clutch from your vehicle, simply view our Fan Clutch Installation Guide.


How do I select which fan clutch matches my vehicle?

To select which fan clutch matches your vehicle, simply search for your vehicles make and model using our user friendly searching navigation on our homepage. If you have any further questions you can contact our customer service team on 1300 529 723.


Fan Clutch Installation Guide

The following is a general guide to the removal and installation of a fan clutch.

The fan clutch is located on the fan which is on the water pump.

You will need to use the appropriate sized socket, ratchet, wrench to complete the removal and installation process. Typically, there are two different types of fans used in cars. One with four bolts and one with a single large nut. Depending on which type of fan you have will depend on which tools you will require.


1. Firstly you will need to disconnect your battery at the negative side. Once the battery has been disconnected you will need to remove the fan shroud to access the fan clutch. To do this you will need the appropriate sized socket and ratchet to remove the bolts. You may need to remove the top radiator hose so that the shroud can successfully be removed. Don't forget to drain all coolant from your radiator.

2. To remove the fan clutch you will need to loosen the retaining nut by turning it counter clockwise. Using the appropriately sized wrench, you will need to remove the nut or nuts which hold the fan to the water pump (depending on if it has four bolts or one large nut).

3. Remove the fan blade from the fan clutch and install the fan blade to the new fan clutch. Insert all of the bolts before you start to tighten them.

4. Once the bolts have been installed you can now install the fan clutch to the water pump and spin clockwise to tighten.

5. You can then tighten the fan clutch retaining nuts.

6. You will then need to reinstall your fan shroud and radiator coolant as per the manufacturer's instructions.

7. Make sure you check that the fan blade is clear of any obstructions before starting your vehicle.

8. You will then need to reattach the negative battery cable.