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Hummingbird GPS Speed Switch Internal Aerial

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Hummingbird Electronics' GPS Speed Switch provides a simple to install, calibration free speed based switch.

Speed thresholds are set using internal switches in either km/h or mi/h.

Using data received from the Global Positioning Satellite network, the GPS Speed Switch calculates three-dimensional ground speed. If the speed exceeds the threshold, relay contacts switch, providing the installer with maximum versatility.

This high technology solution eradicates the dependency on vehicle specific parameters, thereby reducing installation time and eradicating the need for periodic calibration.

Powerful Performance
Speed Switches have traditionally used speed-signals derived from gearbox mounted hall-effect or inductive speed senders. The Hummingbird Electronics' speed switch integrates the source of the speed signal with the switch resulting in a small, reliable solution. No calibration is required and operation is completely independent of the vehicle.

Three dimensional velocity calculations are accurate to 0.2km/h and are updated 10 times per second. A 50 channel satellite receiver, enhanced receiver sensitivity and active antenna result in fast time-to-first-velocity-calculation as well as the ability to operate in the harshest RF environments such as canyons and cities.

Last known position and satellite information critical to fast start-up are battery backed in case of power failure.

A voltage free relay output with common(30), normally-open (87) and normally-closed (87A)terminals is provided. At low speed, the common contact is connected to the normally closed contact and when the speed set point is exceeded, the common terminal will be switched over to the normally open contact.

Designed for harsh automotive environments, the module features transient voltage protection on the supply and short circuit protected outputs.

Rugged Hardware
GPS Speed Switch is supplied in a rugged aluminium enclosure with provision for screw mounting when required. Antenna connection for the active antenna is provided through a gold-plated threaded SMA connector

• Ideally suited to providing a warning or taking action when a vehicle exceeds a given speed.
• No connection to vehicle electrics
• Voltage free relay output
• Adjustable speed limit
• km/h or mph
• External GPS & GLONASS antenna
• Multi voltage 12/24V
• Installer settable speed threshold


Input Voltage Minimum 9V; Maximum 36V
Warranty 1 Year
Weight (g) 259
Height (mm) 35
Length (mm) 82
Width (mm) 57