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Redarc Relay Solid State 12/24V Alternate Outputs

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REDARC latching relays have two outputs which operate alternately with the application of inputs (12 volts or 24 volts) from a single, momentary action, push-button switch.

The momentary Relay ensures that whilst the button is pressed and for approximately a quarter of a second after release, one output supplies 12 volts or 24 volts (depending on the supply voltage). Next time the button is pressed, the alternate output operates in the same way. 

Latching relays can be operated in either a 12 volt or a 24 volt negative ground system.

Each output has a maximum rating of 10 amps.  The supply must be protected by a fuse of suitable rating.

Warranty 2 Years
Input (Operating) Voltage 12V/24V
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 10A
Length (mm) 75
Width (mm) 30
Height (mm) 24
Weight (kg) 0.07