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Thinkware F200 Dash Cam Front / Rear 2 Channel 12 / 24 Volt Wifi Onboard 16GD SD Card *** Rear Camera Not Included ***

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F200 is a 2 channel dash cam that sports a Sony Exmor image sensor, recording vivid videos at all times in full high definition 1080P (front) and high definition 720P (rear), with Advanced Video Enhancement Technology. Not only does it offer high quality footage, but F200 also minimises blind spots via its 140° wide angle field of view. Its compact, easy to install design allows you to place it behind the rear view mirror without obstructing your driving view. Consuming less energy during parking surveillance mode, F200 enables you to record up to 3 times longer than other dash cams in the market.

It securely saves and protects crash footage with G-Sensor Incident Detection that activates upon detecting an impact and records a 20-second video, 10 seconds before the incident and 10 seconds after. Rest assured that the footage, which can be accessed and downloaded on a smartphone via F200's Wi-Fi connectivity, is safe with Integrated Thermal Protection.

When connected to the optional GPS antenna (GPSANT), F200 will also alert you when approaching speed and red light cameras and it will embed the speed and location data into the video file. F200 supports up to 128GB Micro SD and its Format Free 2.0 Technology will extend the life and reliability of the SD card to ensure your captured footage is secure.

Optional Extras:

 Thinkware Dash Cam GPS Antenna GPSANT
 Thinkware Dash Cam Hard Wire HWC
Thinkware Dash Cam Rear Window Camera F100RA
 32GB UHS-1 Micro SD Card SD32G
 64GB UHS-1 Micro SD Card SD64G
Thinkware Dash Cam External Rear Camera F100WP

  • Full HD 1080P front & HD 720P rear with 140° wide-angle cameras for clear, crisp HD recordings (rear camera sold separately)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to control and manage F200 through iOS or Android powered smartphone
  • Video Enhancement Technology allows you to capture vivid footages at all times
  • G-Sensor Incident Detection that saves and protects crash/impact recordings
  • Safety Camera Alerts including speed camera, red light camera and mobile speed zones (requires GPSANT, sold separately)
  • Energy Saving Parking Surveillance for 3 times longer video recordings in parkmode (requires HWC, sold separately)
  • Integrated Thermal Protection to ensure video recordings are safe and protected
  • Format Free 2.0 will extend the life and reliability of the SD card, the F20016 includes a 16GB Micro SD and supports up to 128GB
  • Korean Made Reliability with 2-Year Warranty