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Compressor Cover Anti-Surge GT3082, GT3582

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Anti-Surge Compressor Cover To Suit:

774068-5001    GT3082R
774068-5002    GT3082R
774068-5003    GT3082R
774730-5001    GT3082R
774730-5002    GT3082R
774730-5003    GT3082R
774150-5001    GT3082R
774150-5002    GT3082R
774150-5003    GT3082R
714568-5001    GT3582R      
714568-5002    GT3582R      
714568-5003    GT3582R      
774727-5001    GT3582R      
774727-5002    GT3582R      
774727-5003    GT3582R      
774095-5001    GT3582R      
774095-5002    GT3582R      
774095-5003    GT3582R

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"Surge is the left hand boundary of the compressor map. Operation to the left of this line represents a region of flow instability. This region is characterized by mild flutter to wildly fluctuating boost and 'barking' from the compressor. Continued operation within this region can lead to premature turbo failure due to heavy thrust loading.
Surge is most commonly experienced when one of two situations exist. The first and most damaging is surge under load. It can be an indication that your compressor is too large. Surge is also commonly experienced when the throttle is quickly closed after boosting. This occurs because mass flow is drastically reduced as the throttle is closed, but the turbo is still spinning and generating boost. This immediately drives the operating point to the far left of the compressor map, right into surge.

Surge will decay once the turbo speed finally slows enough to reduce the boost and move the operating point back into the stable region. This situation is commonly addressed by using a Blow-Off Valves (BOV) or bypass valve. A BOV functions to vent intake pressure to atmosphere so that the mass flow ramps down smoothly, keeping the compressor out of surge. In the case of a recirculating bypass valve, the airflow is recirculated back to the compressor inlet.

A Ported Shroud compressor (see Fig. 2) is a feature that is incorporated into the compressor housing. It functions to move the surge line further to the left (see Fig. 3) by allowing some airflow to exit the wheel through the port to keep surge from occurring. This provides additional useable range and allows a larger compressor to be used for higher flow requirements without risking running the compressor into a dangerous surge condition. The presence of the ported shroud usually has a minor negative impact on compressor efficiency."

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