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Roadvision LED Combination Lamp Right Side 10-30V Stop/Tail/Ind/Rev/Fog/Ref with Sequential Indicator Glow Park

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ROADVISION’s BR360 Series are the complete all-in-one fit and forget solution. Featuring the latest sequential indicator technology, the BR360 Series delivers stop/tail, reverse, fog, retro reflector and a sequential indicator that flashes progressively offering an increased level of safety. Constructed with durable polycarbonate lenses and housings, the BR360 Series will survive the toughest environments. Dust & water proof to IP67 and with a life span rated at 100,000 hours, the BR360 Series is totally maintenance free. With ROADVISION it’s FIT and FORGET.



  • Stop/Tail Sequential Indicator, Fog & Reverse functions
  • Retro Reflector incorporated into lens
  • Glow Park Lamp
  • Multi-volt 10-30V DC input & low current draw
  • 100,000HR rated LED lifespan with solid state technology
  • Simple surface mount design
  • ADR/ECE approved for all functions
  • Light weight tough polycarbonate housing & lens