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Hummingbird Dual Axis Inclinometer - Elite, Inc. 1° Sensor

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The Hummingbird Elite Dual Axis Inclinometer is visible pitch and roll readout for operators and includes the logging of time, date, GPS location and speed to internal memory with stationary and moving thresholds.


The Elite Inclinometer measures pitch and roll using an incline sensor. This allows the display to be positioned at an optional angle for operator visibility whilst allowing for accurate angle measurement.

Warning and alarm levels are user configurable through the password (optional) protected menu. When a warning level is exceeded, the critical reading will be highlighted yellow and an internal audible alarm will begin to beep. When an alarm level is exceeded, the critical reading will be highlighted red and the alarm will sound continuous. Two positive drive outputs are provided that can be set to activate or deactivate on warning and alarm. The alarm can be turned on/off in the system menu.



In addition to basic degree and per cent gradient display modes, the Elite can also display pitch and roll in terms of vehicle pictograms for an intuitive view of the vehicle’s angle. The Elite also features a target display mode – commonly used in crane or drill rig applications.



The Dual Axis Inclinometer - Elite, also features advanced event logging capabilities. The Elite can store time, date, GPS location and speed to its internal memory when a Warning or Alarm event occurs.

An additional incline sensor may also be monitored simultaneously – providing independent pitch and roll information for a second vehicle. This may be useful to monitor both a vehicle and its towed trailer or load, for example, a prime mover and its trailer.



  • Graphical display – truck, dozer, loader and other images available.
  • Target display – keep the dot centred; typically used in drilling rigs
  • Event logging to internal memory for later review – including Time and date
  • GPS location
  • Pitch
  • Roll
  • Speed
  • Customisable speed limit
  • Ability to monitor two independent incline sensors (second incline sensor sold separately)
  • Custom incline warning levels while moving



Installation is simple with the only external wiring required being power and ground. The external sensor plugs into the loom provided. The sensor wiring can be extended if required. The inclinometer display is supplied with a RAM mounting system which allows the display to be orientated optimally for the operator. Optional windscreen mounting kits are available on request. The sensor should ideally be mounted horizontally with the enclosure holes down and the wires exiting to the rear of the vehicle. For best results, mount the sensor as close to the centre of the vehicle as possible


  • Degree, percentage, target & graphical display modes
  • Logging of time, date, GPS location & speed to internal memory
  • Provision for monitoring of 2 independent sensors
  • Simultaneous pitch & roll
  • Configurable warning & alarm levels
  • Internal buzzer
  • 2 outputs to drive external alarms and for remote monitoring
  • Remote MODBUS incline sensor included
  • Sensor damping configurable
  • 1-degree standard sensor option
  • 0.1-degree sensor option also available
  • Optional RF sensor available
  • Password protection
  • Multi-voltage 12/24V
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Rugged RAM mounting system
Input Voltage Minimum 9V; Maximum 36V
Warranty 1 Year