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REDARC Multi Function Timer Relay

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The TIM05 & TIM06 timers can be used in a 12V or 24V negative ground automotive system, are designed to plug into a standard automotive relay base and have the same pin numbers as a standard automotive relay (underside shown on diagram). Contacts operate in a similar way to a changeover relay.
  • The timer switches the internal relay to provide output on PIN 87. (Positive output only)
  • The timer is started by switching pin PIN 86 ON or OFF (depending on Switch 1).
  • Use Switch 2 to select time range between SECONDS and MINUTES.
  • Use the potentiometer to adjust the time (increasing in a clockwise direction).
The TIM05 & TIM06 can supply a maximum current of 10 AMPS.

  • User-adjustable 1- 60 seconds/minutes
  • Change over type relay
  • Standard automotive relay base
  • Fully customisable upon request


Warranty 2 Years
Input (Operating) Voltage 12V/24V
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 10A
Length (mm) 75
Width (mm) 30
Height (mm) 24
Weight (kg) 0.07