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Redarc Pressure Sensor 1/8 NPT 150PSI

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SKU GS-P-150

The REDARC GS-P-150 is a 150 PSI oil pressure sensor with a ⅛ NPT thread. Simply connect to your REDARC gauge with the supplied wiring harness.

The REDARC oil pressure sensor is designed to monitor the oil pressure in your engine and alert you if pressure drops below the configured level.

Oil is an integral part of your vehicle’s engine as it lubricates the pistons, cylinders and other bearings to stop them from breaking. Oil also cools your engine down and requires being pressurised to be able to do this effectively. This is all very important when you are travelling at continuous high speeds, over difficult terrain and when towing heavy loads.

Low oil pressure can be an indicator of low oil levels, diluted or worn out oil, worn engine bearings, high oil temperature or a worn oil pump. An accurate and reliable REDARC oil pressure sensor will send you a timely alert and allow you to prevent damage to your engine.

This GS-P-150 is an optional oil pressure sensor that is compatible with the REDARC G52-BEP gauge.

Warranty 2 Years
Sensor Range 10 bar / 2.5 bar
Connection 1/8 NPT Thread
Input (Operating) Voltage 5VDC
Length (mm) 55
Width (mm) 27
Height (mm) 27
Weight (kg) 0.05